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Anthratube - Coal Boiler The Anthratube is the efficient and clean way to heat AUTOMATICALLY with Anthracite coal. The Anthratube by Axeman-Anderson comes in two models making it an excellent choice for small homes or large apartment buildings. The Anthratube is a great way to effectively burn coal and heat your home. A.S.M.E. Construction Approved by Anthracite Institute.

Axeman-Anderson History

The Axeman-Anderson Company has been identified with the heating industry for over 60 years.  It was formed in 1944 and since then has been continuously engaged in research, development and manufacture of high quality and high efficiency heating equipment.  

The Company established an International reputation through the Axeman-Anderson Anthratube, a highly efficient automatic anthracite coal burning heating unit still being manufactured today.  Through continuous research, oil, gas and electric units were developed and today hold an enviable position in the heating industry. 

Axeman-Anderson Company is known for its innovative specialty units such as HUD approved oil and gas boilers for mobile homes, the Centaurus, a combination heat and domestic water unit and the OHM outside heating system.

Cozy rooms, instant hot water for your bath and kitchen...economically and reliably. Heating systems from Axeman-Anderson, for all the comforts of home

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