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Econoburn High Efficiency Wood Boilers


The best wood boiler on the market just got better! INTRODUCING THE ECONOBURN OUTDOOR model.

Our outdoor model is designed as a direct replacement for the traditional smoky, wood-guzzling outdoor wood furnace. Indeed, it will fit on the same concrete pad

and connect to the same supply and return pipes used by conventional outdoor wood furnaces. Plus, the outdoor model includes an integrated air vent and circulator pump and requires NO plate heat

exchanger – saving hundreds of dollars on installation costs!

Just like a high efficiency gas or oil boiler, the pressurized operation of our indoor and outdoor models gives the Econoburn 21/2 times the life expectancy of traditional open-system wood furnaces. Best

of all, our indoor and outdoor models feature the same state-of-the-art gasification technology which yields an amazing 87% thermal efficiency!

Available in sizes from 100,000 BTU to 500,000 BTU, an Econoburn high-efficiency wood-fired boiler will save you hundreds – and quite possibly thousands – of dollars on your annual heating costs.

Whether your home or business utilizes forced air, radiant floor, or a traditional hot water baseboard heating system, an Econoburn boiler will save you money. What’s more Econoburn boilers are

so efficient they burn just 1/2 the wood compared to traditional outdoor wood furnaces! The outdoor model comes internally pre-wired and pre-plumbed, simply attach your PEX pipe to the boiler,

connect the power supply, fill with water and or boiler antifreeze and build your first gasification fire. Thats it, just sit back and enjoy the heat, start saving money on heating bills today!


Econoburn’s wood gasification technology increases burning efficiency, minimizes emissions, and saves you money.

Wood is burned in Econoburn’s firebox, fresh air is blown downward through the logs and coals. This hot smoke and air mixture is forced into the lower combustion chamber and mixed

with a second jet of super-heated air creating a torch-like combustion of the retained gases – a process called wood gasification. The result: almost all the gases are burned, with little residual

soot or creosote. The extra energy is transferred to Econoburn’s full jacket heat exchanger yielding a thermal efficiency of 87%!

What’s more, burning wood, nature’s oldest renewable fuel, releases a similar amount of CO2 as if the wood slowly decomposed on the forest floor.


Econoburn wood-fired gasification boilers are not the same as Outdoor Wood Furnaces.

Do not be misled by competitors’ unsubstantiated claims… true gasification utilizes a secondary combustion chamber and a controlled stream of super-heated air to also combust the smoke.

Econoburn boilers operate at temperatures that far exceed typical outdoor wood boilers. These high temperatures mean the wood burns cleaner and more efficiently; there is virtually no waste

which means very minimal smoke, creosote, or ash.


Why Choose Econoburn?

50 years of metal fabricating experience combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and ISO 9001-2000 facilities have made Econoburn the Best Built, Most Efficient wood-fired boiler

made today. Econoburn boilers are constructed of 1/4”ASME Grade 36 carbon steel. What’s more, for even greater strength and durability, all our products are double-welded by our expert assembly

team. We are proud of the Econoburn boiler. Proud of how much money it saves families. Proud that our boilers are made by hard-working men and women... right here in North America. In fact, so

proud are we of our boilers, that we have introduced the Econoburn 25-year limited warranty. America’s Best-Built, Most Efficient wood-fired boiler now comes with the single best warranty in the


Econoburn Boilers are designed to integrate with any hot water or forced air system.


Econoburn™ Specifications


* Specifications subject to change without notice


Simply the best wood boilers made today... anywhere!

Econoburn high efficiency wood-fired boilers enable homeowners to enjoy more heat... with only half the wood. In contrast to traditional outdoor wood furnaces, Econoburn boilers

utilize wood gasification technology, and produce virtually no waste which means very minimal smoke, creosote or ash. Indeed, by replacing smoky, wood-guzzling outdoor wood

furnaces, Econoburn owners have created happy neighbors across the United Sates and Canada!


An Econoburn high-efficiency wood-fired boiler is an important investment in your home. That’s why we build our boilers to last a lifetime. In fact, we are so confident in our

boiler that we provide a comprehensive 25-year warranty to protect your peace of mind. The warranty covers the pressure vessel for 25 years against defects in material and

workmanship and all other boiler parts for a period of 5 years! Simply operate your boiler in accordance with the Installation and Operating Manual and you are covered.

We even offer a simple transfer process should you sell your home.



“I am very pleased with my Econoburn 150… This winter, I heated my 2,700 sq ft home with only
six cords of maple… Never been so comfortable!” Wade C. Canada

"My Econoburn 100 uses just 5 cord of wood to heat my home and hot water! All winter long, my wife keeps
the heat at 74 degrees and just loves it! And if that weren't enough, Econoburn has the best customer
service for any product I've ever seen!" Bob P. Ithaca, NY

"The Econoburn 100 is the best investment I could have made, it heats my house with only 5 cord of wood a year and that includes all of my domestic hot water." Scott D. St. Johnsville, NY

"The Econoburn EBW-200 replaced my traditional outdoor wood furnace, I now use less than 1/2 the wood that I was using with the traditional outdoor furnace and do it with hardly any visible smoke coming out of the chimney." Ben Y. Knoxboro, NY


"The house has never been as comfortable as it is now with the Econoburn boiler in place." Dan F. Cherry Valley, NY


Buy an Econoburn wood boiler and start saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars
on your yearly heating and hot water bills!

Receive a $1500 Federal Tax Credit *when you purchase a new high efficiency Econoburn Wood Gasification Boiler

* Boilers must be purchased and placed into service in 2010.


(Alternative Heating Solutions Only, Not valid with any other factory rebate, show special or sales promotion.)


Econoburn wood boilers are available in models ranging from 100,000 to 1,000,000 Btu's. Whatever your needs, we have the right size Econoburn™ boiler for you.

Ordering Your Econoburn Boiler

Econoburn Gasification Boilers are in high demand right now, we can only guess about the demands early this fall. To gaurantee your ability to purchase an Econoburn order early.

Order now to ensure delivery!


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